Wednesday, 19 February 2014

vs2012 new features

1.       Solution Explorer Search: Search any file of your project from solution explorer. Click on home button to get back to original condition in solution explorer. One of the best VS2012  new feature it is in vs2013 new features also.

2.       Quick launch the Commands
·         Visual Studio provide 4000+ commands and it is very tough to remember all commands.
·         VS2012  new feature provides of quick launch. it is VS2013 new feature also;

·         Just type the command name which you want in text box. It appear in list

3.       Change the theme of Code Editor
·         If you are getting bore with using white background theme than VS2012 is good for you. There is option to change the theme. It is part of VS2012 and VS2013 new Features

After changing the theme color of visual studio.

4.       Server Code Intelligence in HTML and Autocomplete, Tag Matching
·         You can get the server side intelligence in HTML code like C# code editor[from 2010].

·         There is new feature introduce as auto completion of  tags.

You can set the property from Tool à Option à Text Editorà HTMLà Formatting.

Tag matching – If you done any changes in starting tag than the end tag will automatically change according to starting tag.

5.       Pin up the Tabs which frequently use
·         This allows you to pin tabs that you want to remain open and easily accessible. When you pin a tab it is stuck to the left most corner of the tab-well. VS2012 New feature and VS2013 New Feature;

6.       Page Inspector
·         it allows you to examine the html/css of a web page similar to IE Developer Tool Bar or Firefox’s Firebug add-on. View à Other Window à Page Inspector
·         Page Inspector requires the following:
1.       Visual Studio 2012, 2. The .NET Framework 4.5 , 3. A web application that targets the .NET Framework 4 or later. 4.  Internet Explorer 9 or later JavaScript must be enabled in Internet Explorer.

7.       Browser Dropdown
·         It is quick way to start your ASP.NET web application on any of the browsers installed on your machine,

8.       Create Multiple Solution Explorer Instances
·         How many monitors can fit on your desk? As many as possible! It’s great that Visual Studio allows you to view your source code on both monitors. Visual Studio 2012 has enhanced its support of multiple monitors by allowing you to display multiple copies of Solution Explorer.
vs2012 new feature and Vs2013 new feature.

9.       Code Review feature
in vs2012 new feature include code review in VS.
       Allow teams to communicate changes to the application with their peers
       Information is easily accessible through the redesigned Team Explorer window.
       This process is supported through the use of the Work Item tracking system in TFS
       It divide in two part person requesting the code review and the person reviewing the code
       Once the code review is requested, all team members that were entered as reviewers receive an alert
       The reviewer first signals that he or she is working on the review by clicking on the “Accept” link.
       the reviewer clicks on each changed file and the file comparison window comes up:
       The reviewer can annotate this comparison or can add an overall comment from Team Explorer:
       All comments are stored with the code review and sent back to the developer that requested the code review.
       Once the review is complete, the reviewer marks the review as complete by giving it a status of“Looks Good”, “With Comments” or “Needs Work”.
       The person that requested the review can now see the Code Review Request work item along with any information entered by the reviewer
10.   Preview Tab
       Select a file it is opened and placed in the right corner of the tab-well and when you select another file the currently selected file’s content is shown in the same preview tab.
       This preview tab feature also gives you another behavior which helps you to keep the IDE clean with only the files you like to keep open (wonderful new vs2012 new features)

11.   Changed File Details

12.   Synchronize file and Collapse All Files
Mention two new feature over here Synchronization : On the file which you are working will get in solution explorer by clicking synchronize icon.
Collapse all : click on collapse all icon it collapse all the file in solution explorer.

13.   Code Clone Analysis
we have had all code that gets copied throughout our solutions.
vs2012 new feature.

14.   Find and Replace window changes
·         Minimizing the Search Window.
·         Advantage is that the find window will not hide the code window much.
·         Now VS2012 give both search option there. If you want old one use ctrl + shift + h

15.   IIS Express
       IIS Express is the default web server for web application projects in Visual Studio 2012 and Visual Studio 2013
       It can be installed side-by-side with the full version of IIS and other web servers. You can choose a different web server for each project
       It does not require an administrator account in order to run or debug applications.
       It can be installed on versions of Windows that do not support IIS 7 or IIS 8
       For more detail

16.   Single compact toolbar for common commands
·         Single compact toolbar provides you with enough commands that you frequently use.
·         VS2010

·         One of my favorite which I found when exploring the feature is navigate to the backward buttons

17.    Code Editor Enhancements
·         As shown below you get a color picker when you enter a CSS style element which requires a HTML color code as its value. Just by typing # only code picker will appear.

18.   Paste JSON as Classes
·         A new feature to convert JSON into classes. A copied JSON can be pasted using Edit -> Paste Special -> Paste JSON As Classes

19.   Collapsible Sections, Tooltips and Region
·         Most obvious new features in the CSS editor is the addition of collapsible sections and their related tooltips

       Regions begin with the /*#region [region name]*/ syntax and close with /*#endregion*/. The region snippet makes quick work of creating regions

20.   JavaScript Editor - Collapsible Sections, Tooltips and Region
Like the CSS editor, one of the most obvious new features in the  JavaScript editor are the addition of collapsible sections and their related tooltips

21.   BONUS: JavaScript Editor – Intelligence and Overload method Display
IntelliSense evaluates the JavaScript code and adjusts its behavior accordingly. It support in Jquery also:

1. Brace matching makes the life of a JavaScript developer a little easier by highlighting the closing bracket when you select the opening bracket

2. Right-clicking on a function and selecting Go to Definition will take you to the function if it’s declared in the same .js file or Visual Studio will open the JavaScript file the function resides in and position you at the function’s declaration.

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